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The Best Waxing Hair Removal in London!

Within SW4 beauty bar, The Waxing Queen Studio our talented professionals make sure every customer is given the absolute best treatment they deserve.
The Waxing Queen Studio are Specialist in hot wax from Lycon. We will provide to you the less painful wax in the city.Tanya are developed her own techniques from many years of experience in the Beauty world.
With her own techniques mixed her original Brazilian techinic .

From perfectly smooth legs to clear as day abdomens, our waxing hair removal salon provides only the very best skin treatments around, created to completely uplift and enhance your natural beauty. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we’re here to deliver. We’re free all day every day, so swing by our studio in London or contact us through our booking form to set up an appointment today!

The History of Wax


The history of wax start from ancient times women shave. There are reports from ancient Egypt that women used clay, sandalwood and honey to remove armpit hair, giving rise to waxing techniques (Egyptian wax).
In ancient Greece, an instrument called the strigil (about 30 cm with a curved tip) was developed.

Not even primitive peoples gave up the possibility of removing their hair. There are records that the natives did not have pubic hair. At first it was thought that they were simply born without him, but shortly afterwards it was found that they actually shaved their hair with the spine of the sanding fish.

In the middle ages there was a great concern with shame, even basic hygiene habits, such as bathing, were regarded as sinful. At that time, depilation was totally condemned, and anyone who dared to remove his hair could even be accused of witchcraft or heresy and pay for his own vanity.

Four thousand years ago, Egypt was a great power, and also considered the cradle of aesthetics, so much so that we know by name the popular Egyptian wax used by them in the habit of plucking hair.

In Brazil, the letter that Pero Vaz de Caminha, reporting his impressions of Brazil, has seen the record that the natives indigenous did not have for the pubic, it was imagined that by genetics they were born without them, but later it was found that they scraped the herringbone hairs (sandfish).

In the Middle Ages, the habit of grooming was condemned and viewed as heresy or witchcraft.

Already in the twentieth century, With Explosion of Carnival in Brazil in 1920 where all it start. Things changed as the clothes became shorter and tighter, the body was showing and it was not pleasant to show armpits and hairy legs, in controversy the rippies movement of 1960 and 1970 preached freedom and detachment with material things and luxuries.

After this time the hair-pulling habit went from a concept of aesthetics to a habit of personal hygiene.


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Angela Williamson

31 January 2020

31 January


I hated waxing my bikini area until I met Tania. You make the most embarrassing and awkward experience so relaxed. Together with your personality and humour - ...
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Laura Munier

10 January 2020

10 January


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